Outreach Events in the Flathead Valley – Skull Church & Fresh Life Easter

It truly was an honor to be a part of an event that was about something greater then anything else!  People getting introduced to Jesus.  I saw lives changed last weekend. There is no better way for our family to spend the Easter “break” then to do this important work.

The week started off with the smell of chocolate in our home, as my two youngest children made cookies, and delivered them door to door with their friends.  45 families were invited to Easter with these cookies.  Yum!

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Skull Church at the Majestic was amazing as always!!  Trip Lee as a special guests, the Skull Church Band, and an amazing message of Jesus as our lamb by Levi Lusko.  So many young teens!  I loved it!

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Sunday morning, Easter Day was so beautiful and so good!  My husband was proud to help with video this Easter.  Hundreds of volunteers come together for days to put these events together.

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